Coronavirus (COVID-19) and our Studio

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and our Studio

In these difficult and uncertain times, we at Connect Yoga & Wellness have been putting together a plan of action for necessary adjustments in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. With this plan we hope to minimise risks, provide creative options and balance the needs of the business with those of our students and teachers.


Firstly we’re stepping up our sanitising regimes. Supplies of hand sanitiser and disinfectants have been delivered which will be used by our cleaners and for your own use as students to regularly clean surfaces throughout the studio and any props you may have used. We will also provide paper towels for drying hands and for use to wipe/disinfect surfaces. 


  • Please do not come to class if you are experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms, no matter how minor.
    • Please wash your hands upon arrival and be vigilant about cleanliness.  You might want to allow a few extra minutes before class.  
    • We will be minimising the use of props and rental mats.
    • Please remember to bring your own mat and wash/disinfect it between uses.
    • All mat rental will include towel and will be £2.  
    • Please use an absorbent towel over your mat for all Hot classes (wash at 60°C or higher) and heavy sweaters please bring two or three towels with you to soak up extra sweat puddles.
    • Spray your mat with disinfectant and wipe any area of the floor that you have sweated on.
    • If you wish to use a bolster please bring a clean towel or pillowcase to use over it.
    • Please disinfect your yoga block before and after using.




Whilst we endeavour to keep the studio open, during this uncertain time, we know that some of you won't be keen on coming in, we certainly don't want you to miss out on your practice, so we're going to come to you! With our online classes you’ll still be able to practice with our amazing teachers in the comfort of your own home.  Details will follow very soon and the full schedule of online classes will commence next week.  We’re trying to make the experience as much like being in the studio as possible. Please bear with us while we make the final preparations ensuring we can deliver our classes to you with as little disruption as possible.  




Please check out our schedule for the classes we’ll be running and stay tuned for updates on when our online classes will commence fully. It may be good to check again before you leave home in case of teacher illness or extenuating circumstances that may mean additional cancellations.


We will keep you updated whenever possible via email and through our Instagram and Facebook pages.




We are grateful to modern technology and will be teaching Live stream video classes via the Zoom App.


How to register for the LIVE Yoga classes?


Book online through mind Body Online as normal.


Simply down load the free Zoom App to your Ipad, computer, laptop or mobile phone. You can get access here:


Or via the App Store or equivalent for Android devices.


Once you are booked we will send out a link for the class.  Be sure to send us an email before though to so we can invite you to the scheduled class(es).  Be ready to start on time.  Set up a peaceful space somewhere at home, grab your props (a tall mirror is recommended for Bikramand great if you have a domestic heater), light a candle and get ready to absorb some light energy. 

You’re then all set up.  Just click on the link in the email we send and we’ll see you there. (You do not have to sign up or make an account with Zoom).


The online class will open about 10 minutes before the start.


Any problems at all with this please don’t hesitate to connect with us.  


We are embarking on a brand new journey with you all, and hope we can be of continued service to the community through regular classes, workshops, and programs both in-person and online.


As a small business owner, I humbly ask for the support of our regular members at this time if you are able to afford your regular membership as we weather this storm together. I do welcome a dialogue from those of you also struggling with the changes to your own employment and sources of income so please don’t hesitate to reach out:


In light of recent Government announcements we will also be supporting all you parents out there by providing online kids yoga classes.  We’ll keep you posted with our plans on this.


Please continue to take care of yourself and your family through this unprecedented time and I'm sure we'll all be downward doggin' together again soon!


Be healthy, be strong and support your natural, in-built defences.