Massage Benefits and Precautions: Your Pandemic FAQ Guide

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Massage Benefits and Precautions: Your Pandemic FAQ Guide

Massage Benefits and Precautions: Your Pandemic FAQ Guide


Staying connected to yourself, your body and your soul is essential for staying grounded during these uncertain times. If you are looking to find more connection to these elements, you may also be looking into getting a therapeutic massage.


You should first know whether it’s teaching yoga or providing massage services, Connect Yoga and Wellness is taking your health and safety very seriously. If you still have questions and concerns about booking a massage here or at any other spa or studio, reading through these FAQs and answers may ease your worries:


Q1: Why Should I Get a Massage in the Middle of a Pandemic?


A1:Look we get it: being in the same room with someone can be downright scary right now. Nevermind letting that person touch you. But there are some big benefits to massage, which you can discover by reading through these resources:


The Healing Power of Touch

Massage for Stress and Anxiety

Soothing Stress With Self-Massage



Q2: How Can I Maximize The Stress Relief Provided From Massage?


A2: It’s no wonder you may be interested in massage to relieve stress. After all, we’re all feeling more stressed and anxious these days. So combine the tension-reducing habits included in these resources, to maximize the benefits of your massage:


How Yoga Relieves Anxiety and Stress

Connect Yoga and Wellness Offerings

Clear Stressful Energy at Home 

Manage Stress With Diet and Lifestyle


Q3: What Precautions are Needed to Ensure Massage is Safe for All?


A3: We’re so glad you’re asking this question because it means you are concerned with protecting your health and that of others. If you do decide to book an appointment, you can use the tips and information in these links to help keep yourself and others protected:


Wearing Masks to Slow COVID Spread

Cleaning Tips for Wellness Businesses

When to Self-Isolate Due to COVID-19


Massage and touch can both be so essential to healing your mind, body and soul from anxiety and stress. So if the resources above don’t help you to feel comfortable enough to book a professional massage, we encourage you to connect with yourself through self-massage and other stress relieving rituals. Your health and happiness are important to us; connect with Connect Yoga and Wellness for more information, insights, and experiences to promote your wellness.

Blog By Sheila Johnson