Ali Downes

Teacher Info: Ali Downes

Ali started practising yoga in 2012, following an introduction to mindfulness.  Not really being one for playing sports or going to the gym, it was the first physical exercise class she had ever enjoyed.  It wasn't long before she realised that yoga was so much more than a physical exercise, noticing the emotional and mental benefits alongside the physical (getting her through some tough times along the way!)  With a professional background in Clinical Psychology, Ali is passionate about sharing yoga and mindfulness so people can enhance their mental wellbeing and develop their resilience. 

  • Teacher: Ali Downes
  • Classes: Dru Yoga

Class Info:

Ali trained as a mindfulness teacher in 2013, and as a children's yoga teacher in 2014.  She went on to complete her 200h yoga teacher training with Dru in June 2018.  She is registered with the Dru Professionals Network and the Independent Yoga Network.  Ali continues to deepen her knowledge and understanding of yoga by attending different workshops and CPD events, as well as currently training to be a children's yoga therapist.