Eleanor Meliha

Teacher Info: Eleanor Meliha

At fourteen Eleanor started to makes the shapes she had read about in Yoga for Teens by Thia Luby. A keen interest in yoga asanas and what benefits they can offer was sparked. Since then Eleanor has studied under the guidance of many teachers and  completed numerous teacher trainings. From Ashtanga to Sivananda, Power Flow  to Hot Yoga, Gentle Hatha to Yoga Nidra, the individual students and their specific needs is what shapes each class. More than anything Eleanor teaches you to come back to yourself, that what you need is already within you and that practising yoga asanas is one way of helping you get there.



  • Teacher: Eleanor Meliha
  • Classes: Ashtanga Basics / Gentle Restorative

Class Info:

At Connect, Eleanor offers Ashtanga Basics and Gentle and Restorative. These classes are completely different but compliment each other so well that taking them back to back whenever possible is encouraged!