Emily Weathers

Teacher Info: Emily Weathers

Emily travelled to India, the birth place of Yoga, to train and which was the most beautiful and challenging experience. It taught her an inner calm when faced with adversity and to accept that strength is balanced with a softness that is sometimes labelled as failure in the Western world.

Let yoga be your union, your acceptance that all experiences and people are unique and different and allow it to help you accept this about you, the individual you, without judgement or comparison to others.

  • Teacher: Emily Weathers
  • Classes: Vinyasa Flow / Slow Flow Yoga / Hatha/Hatha Fusion Yoga

Class Info:

Taking time out to pause in life can often be the hardest thing to fit into our busy schedules. So how you choose to spend this precious time is really important!

Perhaps you’re feeling lethargic after your day or perhaps you have plenty of energy left to utilise.

Either way give yourself time to breathe at VINYASA FLOW YOGA and energise your body and mind with this powerful hatha yoga class that focuses on building strength.

Create heat and energy through your body as you are guided through a series of dynamic asanas that stretch, tone and energise your entire body before finishing the class in a relaxing savasana.