Helena Majchrzak

Teacher Info: Helena Majchrzak

Helena began her journey with yoga at the prenatal and postnatal classes in 2007. Helena changed her path from architecture and education and began a journey into holistic health practise and become Qualified Complementary Holistic Therapist ,Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Healing therapist. More recently Helena continued her passion in holistic well being and she has undertaken accredited Acupressure diploma course along with Mindfulness Practitioner course. Helena is a mum of three boys.

In 2019, following many years of practising and loving yoga, she qualified as a Hatha Yoga teacher with Yoga Professionals and YMCA fit Manchester. She has also attended several anatomy and physiology training and workshops in different healing modalities. Helena has recently completed 300hrs Yin yoga Teacher Training with Jenifer Raye Yin Yoga.

Working from a yang and yin yoga techniques to balance and align our energy flow, shifting blocked energies and bringing vitality into our bodies she believes these two practices work amazingly together. Yin and Yang are the underlying principles of Chinese philosophy and medicine. Good health is believed to come from a balance of Yin (parasympathetic nervous system,cold,still,negative, dark, and feminine) and Yang (sympathetic nervous system, hot, movement, positive, bright, and masculine).

  • Teacher: Helena Majchrzak
  • Classes: Vin To Yin Yoga / Vinyasa Flow / Slow Flow Yoga

Class Info:

In this restorative practice linked to Chinese medicine, you will develop inner awareness and serenity as you ease into reclined or seated postures. Holding these healing and prop-supported poses for 3 minutes or more will open the thicker layers of connective tissues around the joints, unravelling areas of tension that a dynamic yoga practice can not always access. Observe your feelings without identifying with them as you move into stillness, peace and attentiveness.

In order to understand what Yin Yoga is, perhaps we have to understand what Yang Yoga is. Most forms of yoga target the muscles with shorter held postures and a more dynamic way of moving. We can call this a Yang type of Yoga, it targets the Yang tissues of the body, the muscles. The muscles however only make up about 50% of the body.

The other half are the Yin tissues, the joints, the ligaments, the connective tissue. These tissues don't like to be worked in a 'Yang' way, they prefer a gentle amount of pressure over a longer period of time. 



Whether you’ve only been to a few classes or you’re advanced in your practice, a yin/vin class is beneficial for everyone. This 60 minute class combines dynamic vinyasa flow with yin yoga. It begins by warming the body with vinyasa flow and heat building poses (asanas). It then transitions into the cooling stillness of yin poses to help achieve a balanced state. Yin yoga emphasizes long, passive holds to help target the joints and connective tissue to help increase circulation in the joints, improving flexibility. 

Slow flow

Slow Flow is a calming but fluid vinyasa Yoga class, moving from posture to posture by linking your breath with movement. Each class will have a theme, which will be creatively interwoven throughout. Expect to leave centred but not too sweaty. Great for those newer to yoga or for those who prefer a calmer, rather than a sweaty, dynamic class.