Joanne Hickling

Teacher Info: Joanne Hickling

Joanne found her love for ballroom and latin dancing (as well as tap dancing!) in 2016, and later discovered the wonderful world of SOSA Dance Fitness in 2019, which inspired Joanne to complete her qualification to become an instructor. Joanne also has years of experience in both competing and coaching gymnastics which compliments her passion for SOSA Dance Fitness. Joanne is an advocate for health, fitness, wellbeing and positivity = all things she firmly believes SOSA Dance Fitness brings! 

  • Teacher: Joanne Hickling
  • Classes: SOSA Dance Fitness

Class Info:

SOSA Dance Fitness is an exciting fusion of ballroom, latin and international dance styles in a high energy but low impact fun fitness class. Routines are choreographed to be danced without a partner and classes are specifically designed to be fully inclusive of all participants, regardless of age or ability. SOSA Dance Fitness is all about putting the fabulous into fitness and letting you #DanceYourselfHappy!