Katy Szarko

Teacher Info: Katy Szarko

Katy’s yoga journey started in 2002 as an apprehensive beginner attending a class with a friend. It wasn’t long before she experienced the benefits of practise first hand. She noticed her overall physical and mental wellbeing improve - improved balance, her migraines became less frequent, her Raynaud’s disappeared completely and she could (nearly) touch her toes!

She wanted to learn more about this practice that had the power to transform, and so started a Foundation course with the three year training course with British Wheel of Yoga and hasn’t looked back since. She trained as a children's yoga teacher at Calm for Kids with Christiane Kerr in 2012 and completed her Aerial Yoga training with Chakra Aerial Yoga in 2015.

  • Teacher: Katy Szarko
  • Classes: Aerial Yoga / Hatha/Gentle Yoga

Class Info:

Katy offers an Aerial Workshop which is a pre-requisite for her Fly High to Stay Grounded class. Two hours of loveliness in your very own cocoon! The workshop is an introduction to Aerial Yoga, which enables students to gain maximum benefit from her weekly classes. You will play with a few confidence building flips or tricks for fun and will also include an inversion if you are in the mood for hanging upside down! (Don't worry if you're not). We finish with a floating seated meditation and blissed out Savasana laying down in the hammock. Tea and sweetness after practice.

Her Fly High to Stay Grounded class offers traditional yoga poses that are adapted with the use of aerial hammocks to enhance lengthening and strengthening poses, increase core strength, challenge balance and body awareness and provide spinal decompression. You will still meditate and we still relax in Savasana but it’s all done in your very own cocoon. A perfect complement to your regular mat practice.

Her Restore and Release 90 minute class is suitable for all levels of experience. The hammock will be hung very low to the ground, and you will distribute your weight between the hammock and the floor. You will float, rest, breath, and restore. The lights are low and the tunes are chilled.

These classes are a physical challenge in confidence boosting, fluid aerial movement which lengthen and stretches the body and spine. This helps to create space and can assist in other practices. Katy delivers this with playful fun and a well deserved relaxation at the end.