Keri Gray

Teacher Info: Keri Gray

Taking a sabbatical from the city in 2003 I traveled to Grass Valley, Nevada City via San Francisco and completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Immersed in an ashram environment. Studying and practicing Sivananda yoga and meditation in its many aspects, including Bhakti, Karma, Raja, Kundalini, as well as the more recognized Hatha yoga. I have taught in all kinds of locations around the world - from beaches in Goa, beautiful Turkish Gulet boats in the Mediterranean, to law firms in the city and dusty old village halls in deepest darkest Dorset! I have attended additional Vinyasa and Yin workshops with a number of leading teachers including Katy Appleton, Sarah Powers and Duncan Wong.

  • Teacher: Keri Gray
  • Classes: Warm Fitness Flow / Hatha/Hatha Fusion Yoga

Class Info:

Soulful Saturdays - Hatha Fusion 9am - 10am:

Looking to get fitter, stronger, improve your mobility, whilst learning how to relax and calm? Yoga is a fabulous mind body workout - it's for EVERYONE - you don't have to be flexible!  ALL LEVELS Hatha class - drawing on the various styles of yoga I teach and enjoy practising, there will be a different theme or focus each week.  


Warm Fitness Flow - 10.30am - 11.30am 

Heated Vinyasa flow class.  Starting off slowly, relaxing and stretching into the class, then moving through a series of creative, flowing yoga sequences linked to the breath.  Expect a strength based workout to some upbeat music, with a well earned Savasana to finish!