Liz Burkitt

Teacher Info: Liz Burkitt

Liz has always been a keen gym goer and has a real passion for health, wellness and fitness. She completed her Bikram Yoga teacher training in 2016 after realising the outstanding benefits of the practice which included greater clarity, strength, patience and increased energy levels.

Since then she has taught in various studios in the UK and United States. And has further still found time to qualify as a Children’s Yoga teacher, Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher and a qualified Health Coach.

  • Teacher: Liz Burkitt
  • Classes: Bikram Yoga / Hot HIIT Pilates

Class Info:

Liz’s goal as a teacher is to inspire and encourage every student, so they can discover what they need from their own practice. They can expect to feel and experience her same levels of enthusiasm and energy for Yoga and Pilates all wrapped up in a fun filled way.