Michelle Bella

Teacher Info: Michelle Bella

Michelle’s love of Yoga is born from her love of the Earth. She loves to slow down within her practise and believes this not only helps us to connect to our body and breath but to the wider environment around us. Michelle began her yogic path after attending class with yogi, Edward Harpin. Following her personal practise, She commenced Kundalini Yoga teacher training in 2009, and immediately progressing onto The Tree School of Yoga’s two year Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation Teacher Training. Thereafter, Michelle developed her own practise through ‘Reggae Yoga’, which offers attendees a chance to experience free movement and trust in the body in and between yoga poses, whilst listening to conscious reggae and dub beats. 

Michelle gave birth to her own daughter in 2017 and has since deepened her passion and studies into women's health including pre and postnatal yoga, baby yoga and massage and has recently (2018) become a Mizan therapist using traditional reproductive healing techniques for optimum health and well-being.

  • Teacher: Michelle Bella
  • Classes: Pregnancy and Baby Yoga

Class Info:

Pregnancy Yoga

Take an hour for yourself and your baby bump to connect, relax and enjoy some restful time out together.  Alleviate common discomforts associated with pregnancy and learn how to support yourself through pregnancy, birth and into motherhood. 

Mum and Baby Yoga

A 60 minute restful, restorative class that gently heals and strengthens postpartum bodies from the inside out, and assists those who have not physically birthed with bonding and complimentary movement, supporting both your baby’s development, and that of the family unit. Expect gentle stretches, breathing and relaxation techniques alongside gentle stretches, massage & sensory play for baby.