Polly Anna Steiner

Teacher Info: Polly Anna Steiner


Polly has practiced Hatha and Iyengar Yoga for more than 13 years, and recently gained her 200 hr Beginners Iyengar Yoga qualification with Yoga Campus. Her interest in Yoga was sparked when she read about its healing qualities and as someone with an energy limiting chronic illness,  she was drawn to attend Jane Craggs’ restorative Yoga workshop in Manchester, and the rest is history!

Polly believes strongly that Yoga is for every body and every mind, and wants to make the healing and restorative aspects of Yoga available for all to enjoy.

  • Teacher: Polly Anna Steiner
  • Classes: Hatha/Gentle Yoga

Class Info:

Wake Up The Heart- Iyengar Vinyasa:


Awaken your energetic heart centre with this strengthening Iyengar flow. Enjoy a guided meditation and pranayama session before moving mindfully into a warming sequence of Iyengar yoga vinyasa krama, to rejuvenate mind and body, and gradually build up strength in mind and body. Master variations of the traditional sun salutation sequences (Surya Namaskar) with varied balances and twists- great for detoxification and confidence building. Flow into a softening warm down sequence before coming to deep guided relaxation in Yoga Nidra.


Restorative Mindful Iyengar:


Slow down and tune in to your mind and body. Relax within a softly-lit meditation session, learning to release deeply held tension within the body. Taking breathwork as the central focus, you will then move mindfully through asanas sequenced to provide a gradually increasing release for the body, activating the parasympathetic nervous system to support the body’s natural healing and recovery processes. The session will close with a soothing pranayama practice and Yoga Nidra.